Saw Logs to Lumber



Boats and Custom Paddles 

I build heirloom wood paddles. Most of them end up on the owners wall.  But they are tuff and usable.  They are works of art.
I have recently returned from a trip to Alaska. I worked with an Aleut Masterwood Worker.  They are master boat and paddle builders. I offer a replica Aleut umiak Paddle.

Custom Wood Tables

Wood 2 Works offers a variety of custom wood tables of all shapes and sizes. We're also happy to take your ideas and make them happen! We are skilled at book matching slabs, and we are also able to create live edge slabs for custom projects. A hand made wood table is a thing of beauty. Let us make some art for you today!

Custom Pieces

In addition to our custom tables and our work on boats, we are also known for a variety of other pieces, including chairs, benches, and carvings. We take on custom projects all the time, and we love rescuing a piece of wood that has meaning to someone and transforming it into a beautiful keepsake. We specializes in working with rustic, mangled, and even broken pieces of wood, but we also are capable of using fresh lumber. Bring us all your ideas and we'll work with you to make something wonderful.
Wayne will make the best cuts on your log to optimize yield.  Mills that cut and charge by the board foot usually cut off your best wood to get the log square, then cut it as fast as they can, never turning the log to get the best lumber for you.  They make profit by speed of cut not quality like wayne does.
  • PLAIN SAWN / FLAT SAWN. Most common, least expensive. Plain sawn, also commonly called flat sawn, is the most common lumber you will find. ...
  • QUARTER SAWN. More expensive than plain sawn material. Quarter sawn wood has an amazing straight grain pattern that lends itself to design. .
  • QUARTER CUT  Makes wood stable with no warping.



1. Do not harvest logs under 12 inches, yield is very low

2. Keep logs clean.

3. Trees along roads and fences usually have nails or wires in them

4. Try to keep logs off ground.

5. Have logs milled as soon as possible.

6. Coat ends of logs with paint or wax.