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Walnut is "King".  Wood 2 Works has been stocking walnut since i got my first Woodmizer Lumber mill 30 years ago.
I can supply you with any wood native to Missouri.  After reading "the soul of a Tree" by George Nakashima, I changed the way i cut wood. I quarter saw, bole cut, book match, and retain the live edge.  I can feel what is in the wood.  As your Sawyer, I'm a tree whisper.  I can bring the tree back to life as a heirloom furniture.
I have over 80,000 board feet of wood.  I cut wood to relax.  I retired from Boeing as one of their tech. reps., one day it was no longer fun.
I have cut walnut table slabs for Bass Pro, and several members of the Busch Family. 


I got the wood, and I will share this hoard for the first time.  I also have staff that can produce live edge masterpieces in walnut, cherry, oak, mulberry, black locust.  You can even pick your own log and we will mill it to your specs.  You can even help.
I got started in wood working by building a wooden boat when i was 13 years old.  I borrowed my dad's tractor, plowed a garden for $5.  Got no money. My father sent me back with the tractor and trailer "Come back with something" I returned with a Funky saw and lumber.
I build Canoes, Boats, and Paddles - All Wood. 


My name is Wayne - Means Wain Wright- Master Wood Worker.

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